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Your Child’s Visit to The Dentist

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A visit to the dentist may seem a little mysterious and intimidating to your child. But, visits to the dentist are an important part of your child’s health. So, how do you take the trauma out of that visit to the dentist?

All too often, people do not go to see the dentist until they have a problem with their teeth or mouth, and a broken tooth or a cavity should not be the reason for your child’s first dental visit. In fact, your child’s first trip to the dentist should be within six months of her first tooth, and before her first birthday. Regular visits for routine cleanings and examinations will take much of the anxiety out of going to the dentist.

If your child’s first appointment takes place when she is a little older, or if it is for an unfamiliar procedure, you can talk to the dentist about a visit before the appointment. This will give your child the chance to meet the dentist and their staff, see the exam room, and learn about the procedure. It will also help if you don’t tell your child that a trip to the dentist “won’t hurt”. Instead, tell your child that the dentist will clean her teeth and give her a healthy smile. Don’t use a trip to the dentist as a threat. That can create a negative association with the dentist.

If your child still has some anxiety about an upcoming dental appointment, it may help to talk with her about her feelings. On the day of her appointment, your child might feel better if she can bring a small toy, stuffed animal, or favorite blanket with her. You can also talk to the dentist about remaining in the room with your child during the appointment.

If it is time for you, your child, or any other member of your family to have their regular checkup, our dentist, Dr. Olaitan Okediji-Registe will be happy to see you. If you live in the Chicago, Illinois area and would like to make an appointment at Magnificent Mile Family Dental, call 312-280-0034 today. We look forward to meeting you soon!