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First and foremost, I seriously DISLIKE going to the dentist, like anxiety anxiety. Hence why I have another 5 star rating, sheesh I must be in a good mood, but I try to provide you all with my honest experience, and I like to post after I’ve given a spot a legit chance to prove themselves. Olaitan Okediji, DDS is AMAZING, just a kind spirit. She understands the anxiety that comes along with the Dental office, like people just don’t like dentist like that lol. She provides the shades, like sunglasses! So no weird eye contact why she drilling in your mouth. Speaking of drilling you can also wear your headphones (as applicable) her team really wants you to feel relaxed as possible and they go above and beyond. Now I can’t finish this without naming Sharon, the receptionist, I put her through hell because again I don’t like the dentist like seriously but she’s so caring and always looks out for me and I truly appreciate you Sharon!!! Hope you have a chance to read this and I’m sorry for being a pain!! Also to my people of color, this is a black owned dentist, and the staff is diverse and beautiful and I love it! Check her out, via Zocdoc, (if you’re not using Zocdoc please get your life together ASAP). And with that being said, me and the dental world should be even, I’m done.

-Bryan L.

Five stars

Excellent. Dr. Okediji is very talented and has good touch so minimal discomfort. The office is fitted with up to date equipment. Her assistant was excellent as well. The front office person does a good job handling the insurance. They easily handled a reschedule for me. Highly recommended!

-Steve M.

She was absolutely great! She answered all of my questions and did not rush through the appointment.

-Ashley F.

Arguably, the best dentist I have seen in my entire time of going to the dentist. The staff was excellent, Dr. Okediji took the time to explain what she was doing and I did not feel she was rushing me through so she can see the next patient.

-Brian R.

Going to the dentist can be scary, but Dr. Okediji has a very calming presence and does a fantastic job of explaining what is going on and the steps she and her staff are taking during the cleaning and cavity fillings that I had.

-Tyler M.

Need a dentist? Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Okediji’s office. I had an emergency and made time to see me without hesitation and with such compassion. What is equally as impressive as her cool, calm, savvy approach is her OFFICE. You can have a nice office, state of the art tools, and a great dentist, but WHO you have on the front lines makes a big difference. Never have I dealt with a more compassionate, courteous, and knowledgeable person as I did at Dr. Okediji’s office…know-how from appointment times to insurance details don’t escape this gal! Her name escapes me, but every office should have someone like her at the front. 🙂

-Michael H.

Excellent service, very professional. She took the time to explain me the procedures and clearly explained what is required, what is recommended and what is not required, but would be good to have done. Staff was very friendly and professional. I will be back for my treatment and I will recommend her to my friends and family.


The appointment was quick, efficient, and comfortable. Everyone in the office, including Dr. Okediji, were warm and thorough! The receptionist made it a point to call me the day before my appointment to discuss something my insurance was potentially not going to cover, so I knew exactly what was going on and wasn’t kept in the dark, which I really appreciate. I’ll absolutely be back!

-Teagan W.

I have had only fantastic experiences with Dr. Okediji and her team. Everyone is kind and knowledgeable and just overall good people. They went out of their way to get me a next-day appointment once my crown had arrived. I would certainly recommend the team to anyone, an overall great experience throughout the entire pre and post root canal treatment!

-Ben F.

Olaitan Okediji is great and an appointment I look forward to going to! She is empathetic, has a wide base of knowledge and experience in the field and shares a great referral list when necessary. Office staff is highly educated with all current procedures, insurance systems etc. and always professional and very friendly, and helpful.

-Viki R.

Dr. Okediji is fantastic, this was by far the least painful or uncomfortable experience I’ve had with cavities. She is very professional and straightforward and she and her team explain things very thoroughly. I would highly recommend this practice.

-Amanda H.

Dr. Okediji is great! She makes any experience (including getting cavities filled) a pleasant one. She and her assistants are thorough and explain what they are doing and why, which I appreciate. And the receptionist, Sharon, is the sweetest!

-Samantha S.

Went and got a cleaning., which I hate having done , but I must say I had a pleasant experience. Also Gita very valuable lesson on the importance of flossing.. Dr. Okediji has changed my perspective on dentists. I never thought I would enjoy going to the dentist, but I really do. She an excellent dentist and her staff are truly some Wonderful people!

-Carmen W.

Dr. Okediji and her staff were nothing short of excellent during my visit today. Everyone that I had the pleasure to interact with was kind and reassuring as they helped to assess what was causing my tooth ache. I would highly recommend this dentist to anyone searching for compassionate dental care.

-Kyle B.

Very friendly, despite showing up a couple minutes late I was taken in right away and out quickly. Dr. Okediji pointed out some issues that will help me take better care of my teeth.


So glad to be back at Mag Mile Family Dental with Dr. O! I had to go elsewhere for a year due to an insurance change. She is professional, articulate, friendly and thorough and the dentist I trust with my, as well as my family’s, dental care.

-Kristen H.

Everyone one of the Staff and Dentists are extremely friendly and and the whole process makes going to the dentist painless! Aside from their highly experienced team, everyone in the office makes me and my wife feel as part of the family. I had my wisdom teeth pulled there as well and the process lasted may be one whole minute, I could not believe it was over. I asked when it was going to start and the dentist had already finished, and I was not under gas. All I took was one Aleve and I had no pain after even! Aside form that they all are very informative about how I should take care of my teeth and all I need is my regular dental cleaning while following their advice.

-Phillip P.

This was my best dental expereince! Mariella was incredibly helpful with explaining what would happen during my cavity fillings, and Dr. Okediji could not have been better! As some one who does not like needles, Dr. Okediji was a master – I didn’t feel it at all!! The procedure was also excredibly fast. I can not recommend Mag Mile Family Dentistry enough!!

-Margaret H.

I so enjoyed my visit with Dr. Okediji. She is very professional and skillful. Her office is very inviting and comfortable. I actually fell asleep during my procedure. I did not feel my injection and before I knew it, I was done. I would give her the highest recommendation. I will definitely return to complete the rest of my dental work.

-Deborah A.

Everything here was really great from the moment I walked in for my appointment until I left. The receptionist, hygienist, and Dr. Okediji were all really helpful in making sure to answer all of my questions as this was my first appointment with them. They even called me the day before my appointment to let me know of a co-pay that my insurance wouldn’t cover so that I would know in advance. I would most definitely recommend coming here!

-Kathryn D.

Perfect! She is very professional, very patient She has a very calming spirit. She took her time and answered all my questions. She presented and explained a plan to care for my teeth including the total cost. She explained the importance of proper daily hygiene and what I need to do to prevent further damage due to built up plaque and tarter. On top of that her office location is ideal. Across the street from Northwestern Memorial Hospital

-Dee P.

Unlike a reviewer below, I really don’t like going to the dentist. But, Dr. Okediji and her fantastic staff made the experience better than I thought it could be. It started with the way I was treated on the phone and continued through the appointments. I’ve always said you can tell a lot about a provider by how the staff treats the patients and my initial impressions were quite positive.

After meeting Dr. Okediji, it was clear that the entire staff at Mag Mile Family Dental operate as a team. Everyone was so helpful and friendly.

Dr. Okediji was thorough in her examination and the explanation of her findings. I felt that I received excellent care and look forward to being a long-standing patient of this practice.

-Sissy C.

This dentist is awesome! I’ve been working with her for over a year and she is excellent. I would recommend this dentist to family and friends.

-Spencer C.

Dr. Okediji is always incredibly kind and efficient. She knows her stuff and always makes sure to ask me how my day is going. I definitely recommend her practice!

-Ashley Falcon

Magnificent Mile Family Dental is a great laser dentist!! They use Waterlase!! No shots!!!!

-Sharon Young

Dr. Olaitan Okediji treated my son. Her skill, her manner, her fee structure and her excellent staff facilitated everything going smoothly. I was just looking up her contact information to give to a friend when I saw the other review, so I decided to write this.

-Emily Forcade

Loved my experience at Mag Mile Family Dental! The staff is very friendly and informative (your plan of care, payment options, appointment availability). Dr. Okediji has excellent bedside manner and is very thorough when cleaning and providing care.

-Bridget M.

The receptionist was extremely friendly and accommodating. The dental assistant had a very pleasant attitude and was very skilled. Dr. Okediji was exceptionally nice and did a fantastic job. This was the most pleasant experience i have ever had at the dentist. Nice work!

-Evan D.

This might sound crazy, but I LOVE going to the dentist. Yeah, I know, it’s super weird and who am I? But legit, I love the feeling of clean teeth even if it does come with a lecture about the importance of flossing (yeah, yeah yeah, but it hurts!).

Anyway, Dr. Olaitan Okediji and her staff were GREAT. Simply GREAT! Kind, gentle, funny, sweet, delicate with my gums, and thoughtful and patient when answering my list of questions.

Highly recommended!

Looking forward to my six month check-up!

(Added bonus: you can schedule your appointment with them using

-Caitlin L.

Excellent dentist. The dentist and her staff are ALWAYS pleasant. They make the dental experience as pleasant and painless as possible. They always greet you with a smile and you know they are truly happy that you chose them to do business with. I highly recommend them.

-Lamonda K.