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Pediatric Dentistry Can Help Children

Your children deserve to have a happy, healthy smile. Luckily, pediatric dentistry offers a way to keep your child’s smile healthy as they develop in their early years. Pediatric dentistry has much to offer for young smiles and is happy to help keep their smile healthy. Our dentists, Drs. Okediji, Bram, and Danesh with Magnificent Mile Family Dental in Chicago,... read more »

What You Should Know About Your Toothpaste

Would you be surprised to learn that people have been using toothpaste since the 1800s? Granted, this toothpaste was flavorless and came in a jar. Fortunately, there are a number of toothpaste options that have been made since then to meet a variety of needs. Still, how can you choose the ideal toothpaste for you? As you may have heard,... read more »