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Energy Drinks and Your Teeth

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It seems that just as society is becoming less addicted to sugary soft-drinks, we have only replaced them with even more sugary energy drinks that contain even higher amounts of harmful substances. This can’t be good for your teeth.

Have you seen how energy drinks seem to be everywhere now? They take up rows and rows of shelf space in the convenience store fridge, and an aisle in the grocery store. Adults are downing them at work in place of coffee, and kids are imbibing them at school. You are prohibited from being on a computer or playing a video game without a backpack full of them nearby.

To answer the question, “What is this doing to my teeth?”, one should ask, “What is in the drink?” Looking at the label, there we find sometimes double and triple the amount of sugar that is in a common cola; double or triple the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee; producing double or triple the amount of decay-producing acids and bacteria in the mouth.

These drinks deliver a one-two punch to our teeth because as the acids remove protective enamel from the tooth, the sugar feeds and increases the amount of bacteria that attacks the nooks and crannies causing decay, infection, and ultimately tooth loss.

Take our advice, cut out the energy drinks and replace them with cool, pure water. You’ll find that you don’t need them and you’ll save your teeth.

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